Friday, April 21, 2006


Howdy out there great big world! You know, I added one of those stat counter things just out of curiosity. I wanted to see if anyone actually ever looked at my blog. lol. So it turns out that around 20 people do, though most of them (most of you!) never post anything. Would you say hi today? :) Just say hi and tell me your current favorite digital kit. How about that? :) Fun, huh? lol

So Maggie was hanging out in her crib this morning having a blast with "Tico" and "Benny" and "Swiper"--all from Dora--and the Easter Bunny. That child has the best imagination! I went in to her and turned on the light, but she was happy enough playing with her dolls and her imaginary buddies that she wasn't ready to get out yet. She's got a big girl bed all set up in her room, and she asks to sleep on it lots, but she just doesn't sleep well or stay asleep when she's on it. Those nights tend to be Mommy's up 10 times a night kind of nights. We still try it for naps sometimes and for overnight sleep every now and then to see if she's ready yet. One of these days...

For now, though, I like that she's happy and confined in her crib for sleep--at least I don't have to worry about her messing with stuff when we're all asleep. Yesterday she thought that her drink was on the counter so she went and got one of the kitchen chairs and pushed it over to the counter to get the drink. The other day, she did the same thing and hung out on the other side of our kitchen island while I was finishing up an essay I was reviewing. It was fine until she decided to start rearranging our knife block! :O The knives have now been moved elsewhere, but really, no where is safe right now. Everything from counter level down is totally safe, but there are still some dangers counter-level and up. She's not quite old enough, either, to understand the logic of complicated explanations, and sometimes a stern "No" will make her MORE interested in whatever the thing was. Oh well--we'll solve it, I'm sure. Right now she's watching Dora (Of course!) and doing the "Come on, vamonos" dance. She was going to the store with my mom the other weekend and she said, "Come on, Gran, Let's vamos!" My mom didn't know what to think! lol

Ok, I'm off to try to tidy my house up a little. Today's my day off from the Y, so I need to get busy getting this house into some sort of order. :-)

Don't forget--say hi and tell me what your favorite digital kit is! (If you aren't a digi person and have just wandered across this blog from somewhere else, tell me something else neat! :) ) Happy Friday!!


JennStar said...

Wow- fav digi kit?? I think my fav is Mocha Sunshine by Holly McCaig. It has great papers and fun tags (plus I'm getting published using it, so I'm sure that sways me a little).
My DS moved from his crib to his big boy bed at 21 months- for the simple reason that he was climbing out of his crib and over the gate that we had at his door- so rather than letting him fall out of his crib when he's groggy in the middle of the night, we moved him out of his crib. Moral of my story- enjoy that she loves to play in her crib and still sleeps well there!!! Yeah for you :o)!!!

J R Estelle said...

hey there, I'm not sure what a digi-kit is, but I was led here via you. How's things?


Stephanie said...

LOL! I tried that trick yesterday and let's just say I hope it works better for you! LOL!

My latest fav is Grace by Sara Carling. Of course my fav changes often! ;)

Anonymous said...

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~*~Kirsty~*~ said...

I'm one of those reads everyday but never posts kinda gals. My favorite kit right now?? Has to be Book Bag from DDE (I think that's what it's called)! :)

Angela said...

Hey girl! Not sure what my fave kit is right now, but wanted to say HEY!!!!!

Robin said...

Can't say I have a favorite kit. I tend towards things bright.

My DS is 21 months. We're potty training this weekend and I was thinking about a "big boy" bed to go with the tighty whiteys. Sounds like I really need ot figure out how to get the bed and a crib in the room at the same time.

I read through bloglines and don't always have the time to drop a comment on all the blogs I follow.

nora long said...

I am totally guilty about lurking in peoples blogs. Usually I don't comment, because someone else has already said what I was going to say. But, on the other hand, I totally know what you mean about people visiting, and not saying anything. I also recently put a counter on, and I am getting about 1 comment for every 50 hits. Crazy! But, now I don't feel so bad if this is happening to others!

Carla said...

I come and read your blog from time to time. I don't have a favorite kit right now either. I just wanted to de-lurk and to say Hello!