Monday, April 24, 2006

Dora show and other excitement

Ok, I had a whole post written and Blogger ate it. Oh well.

So the Dora Show rocked! Maggie was over the moon and fascinated by it. She was entranced by the stage from the moment the show started until it was over and has been singing some of the songs over and over since then. "Isa turn the wheel, turn the wheel, Isa!" lol It was totally worth the drive up to Atlanta. She had such a great time!

In other news, I can't spill my secret for another while yet. I was hoping to be able to spill this week, but because of scheduling, I have to wait until next week. Oh well. Soon enough. :)

So today tell me about your favorite month. I love October. I love how crisp and clean the air feels in October, plus it's the month that Chris and I got married. :) October in the South is a pretty nice should check it out! So what's your favorite month? I can't wait to hear!

Have a good Monday!

Dora Show and other excitement!

Oh my. We went to the Dora the Explorer Live show at Atlanta's Fox Theater yesterday. Maggie was ENTRANCED! For the first half of the show, her eyes didn't leave the stage once. Well, maybe once--she looked at Tony (Grandad) to get her Dora flag. lol Every now and then she'd exclaim, "There's Swiper!" or "There's Tico!" LOL I thought the show was pretty good, too, though I was admittedly staring at Maggie the whole time. Instead of spending the night, we just drove up yesterday and met Chris' parents for lunch. We went on to the show from there and then drove home afterwards. The car trip there and back was long (about 2.5-3 hrs), but Maggie was terrific. She spent about an hour on the drive up playing with the ring tones on Chris' phone. Oh, the wonder of technology!

In other news, my secret is going to have to remain under wraps for a little longer. I thought I might be able to spill this week, but scheduling means that I can't until next week. :) tell me your favorite month. Do you have one? Mine is October. I love how the air is crisp and feels so clean in October. I love that you can wear jeans and a t-shirt or shorts and a sweatshirt and be totally comfortable. October is a good football month. Plus, Chris and I were married in October (the 7th), so that's always good for making it a good month. So what's your favorite month?

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Secrets and changes

Boy, don't you just love having a big huge secret? One part of you wants to scream it from the mountain top, but the other part relishes the juicy feeling of having this idea all to yourself (or mostly to yourself, at least). Mmmmm, secrets are fun. :)

So I'm fairly certain that I've figured out my weirdo feelings of late (exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, etc.). Let's just say that things will be changing, but I've got some work to do on it. It's a good thing, but I'm not quite ready to spill yet. :) Soon. Not yet, though. ;)

Anyway, I feel as if I've turned a HUGE corner. Life is good, and I plan to dive right in and splash around some. :)

So...if you are still reading, how about clicking on the comment button. Tell me the name of your favorite book or author. :) I'm looking for new authors to read!


Howdy out there great big world! You know, I added one of those stat counter things just out of curiosity. I wanted to see if anyone actually ever looked at my blog. lol. So it turns out that around 20 people do, though most of them (most of you!) never post anything. Would you say hi today? :) Just say hi and tell me your current favorite digital kit. How about that? :) Fun, huh? lol

So Maggie was hanging out in her crib this morning having a blast with "Tico" and "Benny" and "Swiper"--all from Dora--and the Easter Bunny. That child has the best imagination! I went in to her and turned on the light, but she was happy enough playing with her dolls and her imaginary buddies that she wasn't ready to get out yet. She's got a big girl bed all set up in her room, and she asks to sleep on it lots, but she just doesn't sleep well or stay asleep when she's on it. Those nights tend to be Mommy's up 10 times a night kind of nights. We still try it for naps sometimes and for overnight sleep every now and then to see if she's ready yet. One of these days...

For now, though, I like that she's happy and confined in her crib for sleep--at least I don't have to worry about her messing with stuff when we're all asleep. Yesterday she thought that her drink was on the counter so she went and got one of the kitchen chairs and pushed it over to the counter to get the drink. The other day, she did the same thing and hung out on the other side of our kitchen island while I was finishing up an essay I was reviewing. It was fine until she decided to start rearranging our knife block! :O The knives have now been moved elsewhere, but really, no where is safe right now. Everything from counter level down is totally safe, but there are still some dangers counter-level and up. She's not quite old enough, either, to understand the logic of complicated explanations, and sometimes a stern "No" will make her MORE interested in whatever the thing was. Oh well--we'll solve it, I'm sure. Right now she's watching Dora (Of course!) and doing the "Come on, vamonos" dance. She was going to the store with my mom the other weekend and she said, "Come on, Gran, Let's vamos!" My mom didn't know what to think! lol

Ok, I'm off to try to tidy my house up a little. Today's my day off from the Y, so I need to get busy getting this house into some sort of order. :-)

Don't forget--say hi and tell me what your favorite digital kit is! (If you aren't a digi person and have just wandered across this blog from somewhere else, tell me something else neat! :) ) Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blahs lately

Blah blah blah, I've had the blahs lately. I've felt like I'm not doing anything well and that I'm falling short on everything. I'm sure it all goes back to a lack of sleep...hopefully I can catch up on that soon. My semester is over on May 7, so at least I won't have any essays to read and review for a couple of weeks. I can make it a month, right? :) lol So I've been a little quiet lately--not much scrapping done either. I need to do some lifts to get the juices flowing...maybe this weekend.

Oh, I've been working out! Only on the 2nd week this week (how lame!), but so far so good. Last week we did two days of aerobics and one day of pilates. This week it'll switch--two pilates days, one aerobics day. Pilates is hilarious because it doesn't look like much work but I am always SO sore afterwards! Wish me luck--maybe I'm finally going to get things going to make some changes.

Maggie had a great Easter weekend. She's such a crack up these days. She spends most of the day acting out Dora scenes. :) She woke up this morning talking about Swiper and the King and Queen. lol What a funny kid!

Ok, just a quickie post from me. I'm going to try to head to bed early tonight. :) I'm going to try to scrap some more tomorrow. :) Happy Tuesday night!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh man, I should be asleep...

It's 4am and here I sit, typing away on the computer

. Finished what I think is a pretty cool layout, though:

Seriously, how cute is this kiddo?!! :) I used Mindy Terasawa's Pocket Full of Posies kit and several fonts (SP Inspired, Waterfalls, Susie's Hand, if you're interested).

For some reason I felt compelled to finish it tonight instead of just going to sleep. I was tired hours and hours ago. Oh well. I'm sure Maggie will be awake in another couple of hours (2 if I'm lucky--30 minutes if I'm not). I'm heading to Pilates at 8:30am to try to start to make some changes in the way I look. That should be interesting on a few hours' sleep.

Off to bed. Just wanted to share the layout. Happy day/night, all! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

5am and other ramblings

Oh boy, can I just say that I am NOT an early morning person? Maggie has been fascintated by her big girl bed lately and has been wanting to sleep in it for naps. That's fine--she doesn't sleep as long, but she is sleeping in it at naptime. Last night, though, she asked Chris if she could sleep in her big girl bed all night...

She did well--she got up a few times, but they were spaced out about every 3 or 4 hours. Still, though, guess who didn't sleep because of her nocturnal wakings? Yep, me. Oh, and at 5am she was up. UP UP UP. So NOT my favorite time of the day! She was funny, though. O'Neill (the cat) was messing with the blinds on the backdoor asking to go out and she said, "O'Neill, it's really really dark outside. It's sweepy sweepy time." When I reminded her that it was sleepy time for her, too, she said, "No, just for O'Neill. I'm AWAKE!" lol Silly kid.

I have fallen behind on the 21 day challenges, but I keep checking the quotes. I'll get them all finished--just maybe not in the 21 days. :) I'm also doing the recipe swap thing that's listed on several different boards. So far I've gotten about 50 appetizer layouts and 50-something soups--this is going to be an awesome recipe book...really pretty, too! :)

I'm working on the next issue of De-Zine, too. That should be out at The DigiChick this weekend, so be sure to get it. There's some great stuff in there, especially the really awesome kit from the DigiChick designers. Here's a layout that I did with Spring Fever, the kit that you get for free when you buy the $3 April De-Zine:

I used the Spring Fever kit from the DigiChick designers and Fee Jardine's awesome Appleberry Pie alpha (also available at DigiChick). The font for "Chick" is A Yummy Apology. I used a sketch from Angela Spangler, who is a rockin' chick. :) Thanks, Ang!

Off to buy Maggie an Easter dress and shoes today. Nothing like waiting until almost the last minute, is there? I wouldn't be Sinead if I didn't at least try. lol Maybe we'll stop by the Zoo, too, if we make good time at the stores. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 07, 2006

A bit of this and a bit of that and a whole lot of nothing...

Not much going on today. Miss Maggie did NOT sleep well last night, which meant that Maggie's Mommy did NOT sleep well, either. After about 4 hours of going in to her every 30 minutes, I gave up and got into the twin bed with her. I haven't slept on a twin bed since I was in college...I NEED my King-sized bed! lol

So a quiet day for us today. I've got to work later, so I'm hoping I can get her to take a good nap. 3 hours of work is just going to crawl past today, I'm sure.

We're staying here this weekend. THere's a birthday party for Maggie's best friend tomorrow, and we're thinking about going to the folksy artsy-craftsy fair at Calico Fort on Sunday. Exciting, right? lol

There's yard work to be done, too. I was looking at our "grass" yesterday and I think that almost every greenish bit is actually a WEED! The Tru-Green chemical guy came by to try to get me to buy his services, but it's $48 a month...surely I can do it for less than that. I'm going to try anyway. We'll see...

Once I get my work done today, I need to catch up on my 21 Day challenges (only 5 days behind--lol!) and do some formatting/layout work for the April De-Zine. That's going to be another rockin' issue, too...can't wait to see how everything comes together.

I think I'm in a bit of a rut lately, scrap-wise. I like what I've been putting together, but they don't seem to get the comments from others like some of my other stuff has done. It's odd, too, because so much of my recent stuff hasn't been posted in the galleries yet because I'm waiting for the De-Zine publication. Ah well...maybe I have pissed off the praise Gods. lol I might do a few scraplifts this weekend to see if I can get the juices flowing again. We'll see...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 6 of Rhonna's 21 Day challenge

I'm finally getting around to posting my layout for Day 6 of Rhonna's 21 Day challenge. I'm a little slow, but I'll get caught up over the weekend.

I used AmyJo Smith's Grunge Overlay kit and her Touchy Feely 2 kit to create the pink and green papers. What rockin' kits!! You can get them here at her blog or at the DigiChick Boutique. The font is CK Kolette.

I'm heading to bed now...yet another late night for me! Night everyone!