Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh man, I should be asleep...

It's 4am and here I sit, typing away on the computer

. Finished what I think is a pretty cool layout, though:

Seriously, how cute is this kiddo?!! :) I used Mindy Terasawa's Pocket Full of Posies kit and several fonts (SP Inspired, Waterfalls, Susie's Hand, if you're interested).

For some reason I felt compelled to finish it tonight instead of just going to sleep. I was tired hours and hours ago. Oh well. I'm sure Maggie will be awake in another couple of hours (2 if I'm lucky--30 minutes if I'm not). I'm heading to Pilates at 8:30am to try to start to make some changes in the way I look. That should be interesting on a few hours' sleep.

Off to bed. Just wanted to share the layout. Happy day/night, all! :)


Angela said...

Ok...this is the third time I've commented on this layout because I absolutely ADORE it! Excellent work, Sinead. That photo is SO priceless!!! It makes me smile every time I see it!

This rocks.

Ginger Thibodeau said...

OMG! How sweet is this LO? I LOVE the pic -- love the arrangement -- everything is so beautiful! GREAT JOB!!!

Darla said...

Oh I love your layout and you made me smile that you stayed up to finish it.....nice to know I have others who do the same! (In case I need witnesses when I am called crazy!)

Deanna said...

wonderful LO...sheesh..hoep the night comes fast for you! crazy night owl!

Ann(i)e said...

LOVE the lo and LOVE LOVE LOVE those curls!!!!!!! Fab job!

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