Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some funny Maggie stories

Miss Maggie has been in rare form lately. Apparently she cracks her teachers up, too, which is good. Today when I picked her up from Mom's Day Out, there were 3 stories...

1. They went for a ride in a buggy/stroller for 10 kind of thing. One of the teachers steered them into the curb and Maggie's response was "Oh, s**t!" (I was mortified when the teacher told me, but she was laughing and said it wasn't even close to the worst thing they've heard out of a kid's mouth.) The teacher said that they were trying not to act like it was a big deal (so that she and the other kids wouldn't repeat it nonstop) but that they were laughing so hard that they could barely walk.

2. Apparently she and her friend Nathan have moved on to the next level. They were on the playground today and she kissed him! (He apparently kissed her back.) I asked her why she did this, and her response was "because I love him and he loves me!" They're three!! Am I in trouble or what?!

3. She was also telling her teacher that she and Daddy are planning a trip to the beach (news to him!). She said that there would be "No sharks, no whales, no fish, and NO issues!"

This kid is too funny. She has such a funny way of saying things and looking at stuff.

back to life. I ought to go to bed!

Some pics...

Maggie being cute.

Maggie kissing Kate...

Miss Katie, who is already 4 months old. Can you believe it?!

Ok--I'm really off to bed now! Those of you who are digiscrappers, be sure to check out The DigiChick this weekend. There's a rockin' birthday celebration there, plus a great sale!