Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Exciting stuff at The DigiChick!!

Hurry hurry hurry and get over to The DigiChick Boutique! Actually...you have the whole month of November, but WHY would you wait?!!?

Check out Holly Jolly, the free gift with purchase from the DigiChick Designers!

From the kit description: The DigiChick Designers have created this beautiful, limited edition kit as a thank you for your continued support. The fun patterns and bright colors are sure to get you in the holiday spirit a little early! Holly Jolly is full of gorgeous, unique elements to accent the beautifully designed papers. This kit is a must-have in your holiday collection.

Holly Jolly is a free gift with your purchase of $10 or more and will only be available until December 1st. At that time the kit will be locked away forever, so get it while you can. Add this kit to your cart along with your other items so that your total equals $20 or more. At check out, enter coupon code JOLLYNOV to receive the kit free.

And, to top it off, there's a really cute Add-On pack, too! Check out the November Layout Contest (details to be posted in the TDC forums soon!!) to learn how you can earn an exclusive Holly Jolly Add-On Pack!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why is it

Why is it that tonight--the first night of DH's week long trip out of town (again!)--Maggie decides to do the up and down night time routine? She's been going down so good. It's barely taken 10 minutes to get her to go to sleep once we finish her stories. Tonight? Oh, tonight, she's been in and out for over an hour now. ugh! I'm ready for a break! Plus I've got an hour and a half left to work before I can start to chill out.

Why is it that I decided to eat ravioli and tomato sauce, washed down by Orangina (fizzy carbonated orange juice, basically) on the same night that I'm already suffering from a massive case of heartburn. Oh, and on the same night that I forgot to go buy more Pepsid Complete and have only 2 Tums (useless though they are) left. Seriously. At one point I was intelligent. lol

Why is it that O'Neill the smelly cat would quite happily spend his entire life outside EXCEPT to come inside to poop and stink up the joint. Seriously! What's that all about? lol

Why is it that Meg the sneaky cat waits until I've almost got Maggie calmed down and asleep to dash into her room and under her bed--creating yet another round of hullabaloo to guarantee that Maggie will be wide awake again.

Why is it that I'm so convinced that this baby is going to come early? Seriously...I'm only 32 and a half weeks. Why am I feeling that she'll be here in another 2 or 3 weeks instead of another 5 or 6 weeks?

Why is it that I'm using "seriously" in every other sentence? Don't I know more words? lol I swear that I do--I know lots of words. They just don't seem to be entering my feeble brain at the moment.

Ok...Princess Jumping Beans has been quiet for 10 minutes now. Maybe she's finally asleep, which means that maybe I can start on my work so that maybe I can get done at a reasonable time. Maybe her little sister will NOT poke my bladder every 30 minutes tonight so that I have to get up at that interval to pee. Boy, I was at least 36 weeks last time before I was thoroughly fed up. Can I really be this fed up at 32 and a half weeks? What if they're wrong with the date and I'm really another 3 or 4 weeks further along?

lol...sorry about all the madness. I'm feeling a bit scattered. hehehe What else is new, right? lol

The time is getting close...

Here I sit at 32 and a half weeks, though I'm telling you that I've had this weird weird feeling, especially the last couple of days, that this baby is NOT going to wait until 38 weeks to be born. I've been having contractions off and on--who knows if they're real contractions or not, though. They could just be Braxton-Hicks. I never had anything like that with Maggie, so who knows. I'm fairly sure that this baby dropped this weekend, too. Suddenly my belly feels really heavy and full--again something that I never felt with Maggie, who never dropped.

We had no clue about the dates when we found out we were pregnant, so my due date is based on one of those early ultrasounds. At my appointment last week, though, the doc said I was measuring a month ahead. Hmmm... So yeah, the time is getting close--maybe closer than I know! lol

Chris heads out to Chicago today for a week again. Should be an interesting week with Maggie. Hopefully it'll be nice and boring!

I'll try to pop in later and blab some more. I'm having a hard time focusing right now. lol Have a great day!!