Monday, June 02, 2008

Our New Baby

no, not that kind of baby!

We've got a new puppy--Lady. :) She's a Dachshund mix (with who knows what else) and is almost 2 months old. We picked her up this morning and the girls are head over heels in love already. Head over heels! Maggie has been asking for a dog for a year (at least) and we kept saying, "When you're older" or "When you sleep in your bed all night" or "maybe someday." Well, she is a little older now, she's doing better about sleeping in her bed all night (she is sleeping in her bed, though she still wakes up once a night and needs a few minutes of Mommy or Daddy lying on her floor while she gets settled back in), and heck, I guess today is someday.

We got her from the Birmingham Humane Society (yep--I drove all the way to Birmingham to pick her up...worse than that, Maggie and I drove to Birmingham yesterday, too, which is when we picked her out, but then we couldn't bring her home because Katie wasn't there and they won't adopt an animal out unless the animal has met all of the kids in the house. Boy, THAT was an UGLY ride home. Never has an hour and half car ride taken longer or been more emotionally taxing. Poor Maggie.). Anyway, her original name was Mercedes, but Maggie immediately wanted to change that. Her first choice was Barbie. Umm, no. So then she suggested Barfy. Dude. Do you know what "Barf" is, Maggie? hehehe Then I mentioned that she had freckles like I do and like Maggie does, and Maggie jumped on Freckles. That's what we called her all day yesterday and all morning. Somehow, though, on the way back to our house, Maggie morphed the name into Lady. Oh well--that's cute, too!

Here are a couple more pictures of her in the backyard today...

Meeting the dogs next door:

O'Neill just looked at her and didn't really seem to pass any remarks either way. Meg took one look at her, hissed, and jumped over the baby gate that keeps Lady confined to the kitchen (no carpet there!). She'll come around. Oh, I didn't tell you about Katie. Katie shrieks with joy whenever she sees the dog. She's fascinated with her and wants to pet her and hold her. They seem to get on well already. :)

So I know I'm way behind with posting my picture of a day pictures. I've got a bunch to post...just need to find a few minutes (or a few days!) to get them up.