Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boy I'm a slacker! (and Gatlinburg pics)

I'm such a slacker (as some of you have kindly pointed out. lol!!). I won't even promise I'll do better (but I'll try).

Some of you may have seen these pics on TDC, but I thought I'd share here, too. These are some of my favorite pics from the long weekend trip we just took to Gatlinburg, TN and the Great Smokie Mountains. We had a blast!

We went to a little kiddie amusement park:

Probably the best times that we had were by (and in!) the little stream beside our cabin, though. Maggie could have spent all day every day there!

and finally, on Sunday (Mother's Day), Maggie came to me with these little daisies and said, "To you, Love Me. I love you, Mommy!" What better Mother's Day present could a girl get? :)

And lest you think that we left Miss Katie at home, never fear! :) She was with us but was napping when I took all of the stream pics. I'll try to upload some recent pics of her tomorrow.