Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My big news

Ok, my big news...

Mari K has picked me to be on her Creative Team! YAY! I'm so super duper excited! She's a new designer at DigiChick, and so far I have loved everything that she has done. I'm so excited to be working with her and I can't wait to see what cool things she has in store for us.

Yay for me and for Mari K! :-)

Monday, January 30, 2006

I've got news! I've got news!

Oh, I just got some exciting news! I can't share yet, though, until I know when the announcement will be. I'm super duper excited, though! I just wanted to pop in and say that. I'll share my news as soon as I get the all-clear!

Another whirlwind weekend!

Whew! Another whirlwind weekend has flown past. This is the last weekend we're out of town (until the 11th, anyway). Maggie and I have been out of town for every single weekend since before Thanksgiving. How crazy is that?!

This weekend was fun, though. We went to my parents' house first. My dad came back from another business trip to China, so he was excited to see Maggie. This is when we found about Fiona and the new baby. :) On Saturday, Chris got home (well, to Atlanta) from his week-long business trip to Colorado, so we picked him up at the airport on the way to his parents' house in Atlanta.

Sunday was the big event--my Christmas present day! Chris got me a class at the Viking Cooking School--Basic Knife Skills. My sister and sister-in-law were also taking the class (Christmas presents for all of us), so it was lots of fun to get together with them without the kiddos for a little while. I learned all sorts of new things about using my knives. The most impressive one, though, is that if you buy chicken breasts with the bones and rib meat (for like $1.70 a pound) instead of the boneless skinless ones (about $4 a pound) and then bone the chicken yourself, you could save enough in a year to buy a David Yurman diamond tennis bracelet! That's what the teacher said, anyway. I'm not interested in the bracelet (though diamonds would be nice), but a digi-Rebel seems much more doable if I make the sacrifice! Cool, huh?

Since we were traveling this weekend, I didn't get much scrapping done. I did two pages, though. The first is a re-do for the first week of the DigiChick's It's a Chick's Life challenges:

Credits: Papers from Michelle Pearson's German Chocolate kit (Digiscrappin.biz),
Tags from Ronnie McCray's Earth's Bread Basket (download from her blog), Ribbons
from Jen Wilson's All Tied Up kit (Scrapbook-Bytes). Fonts are SP Purkage and 2Peas

I originally did this challenge by reviewing Maggie's year, so I thought I'd go back and redo this one to complement the other challeges for January.

The other page I finished this weekend is for Gina Miller's Sketch Challenge at Scrapbook-Bytes.

Credits: Papers are from Gina Miller's Burst of Mango kit (Scrapbook-Bytes) and
Flower from Gina Miller's Funky Flowers (Scrapbook-Bytes). Fonts are Scriptina,
2Peas Goofball, 2Peas International, and Courteney's Journal.

I'm going to try to get some scrapping in today, but I need to get Maggie to take a nap (she's quite happily pretending she doesn't need one at the moment) and do my 3 hours of tutoring first. Ahhhh, work. What a drag! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have finally caved...

Ok, I've finally caved in to the world of blogs! It seems like everyone else is on the blog train, so here I am, trying to get in on the act. :) God only knows who would be interested in reading my crazy ramblings, but somebody might find some humor in it.

I suppose I'll introduce myself on the off chance that someone actually decides to check out this space. I'm Sinead, also known as maggieandmommy in the digi-scrap world. As you may have guessed already, I've got a daughter--Maggie. She's 2, though she thinks she's 22. I feel certain that there will be many a story about the hijinks of Maggie here. She pretty much just cracks me up all the time. I'm married to a pretty great guy--Chris--though don't tell him that because it might go to his head. He's a real sweetie and doesn't give me a hard time about all the time I spend on my computer. I've got a brother and a sister (who just told me she's pregnant again!), and I'm close to my parents and in-laws. I moved to the US (Georgia) from Ireland when I was almost 3, though most of my extended family is still there or in England.

My computer time is divided between work--I'm a writing tutor for Smarthinking--and digiscrapping. More on that in a minute. Before Maggie was born, I was an English teacher, first at the high school level and then at a community college. When she was born, I wanted to stay at home, so online tutoring just seemed like the best choice. If I have to work (and I do, unfortunately), then this is the best option.

Now...the best computer time that I spend is on digital scrapbooking. I tried to scrap the traditional way when Maggie was born. I did a few pages, but it just took so long to get a page done and it was a pain to get everything out and put everything up. Then there was the intimidation of messing something up. I was scared that I'd mess up a picture or the paper or whatever. So I was a sorta scrapper.

Then a friend (Paula--yay!) mentioned that she knew some people who did digital scrapbooking. She gave me some links--one of them to DigiChick. I was hooked. I've been digi-scrapping since October 2005 and I've done about 100 pages (probably more but I'm scared to count!). Earlier this month I was picked to be on the Creative Team at DigiChick (yay!), which is a great honor for me. I'm also working on their De-Zine, which is a monthly digital publication.

Ok, so that's probably more about me than you'd ever want to know. I promise (my invisible reader) that I won't always be so boring. :)