Tuesday, April 11, 2006

5am and other ramblings

Oh boy, can I just say that I am NOT an early morning person? Maggie has been fascintated by her big girl bed lately and has been wanting to sleep in it for naps. That's fine--she doesn't sleep as long, but she is sleeping in it at naptime. Last night, though, she asked Chris if she could sleep in her big girl bed all night...

She did well--she got up a few times, but they were spaced out about every 3 or 4 hours. Still, though, guess who didn't sleep because of her nocturnal wakings? Yep, me. Oh, and at 5am she was up. UP UP UP. So NOT my favorite time of the day! She was funny, though. O'Neill (the cat) was messing with the blinds on the backdoor asking to go out and she said, "O'Neill, it's really really dark outside. It's sweepy sweepy time." When I reminded her that it was sleepy time for her, too, she said, "No, just for O'Neill. I'm AWAKE!" lol Silly kid.

I have fallen behind on the 21 day challenges, but I keep checking the quotes. I'll get them all finished--just maybe not in the 21 days. :) I'm also doing the recipe swap thing that's listed on several different boards. So far I've gotten about 50 appetizer layouts and 50-something soups--this is going to be an awesome recipe book...really pretty, too! :)

I'm working on the next issue of De-Zine, too. That should be out at The DigiChick this weekend, so be sure to get it. There's some great stuff in there, especially the really awesome kit from the DigiChick designers. Here's a layout that I did with Spring Fever, the kit that you get for free when you buy the $3 April De-Zine:

I used the Spring Fever kit from the DigiChick designers and Fee Jardine's awesome Appleberry Pie alpha (also available at DigiChick). The font for "Chick" is A Yummy Apology. I used a sketch from Angela Spangler, who is a rockin' chick. :) Thanks, Ang!

Off to buy Maggie an Easter dress and shoes today. Nothing like waiting until almost the last minute, is there? I wouldn't be Sinead if I didn't at least try. lol Maybe we'll stop by the Zoo, too, if we make good time at the stores. Happy Tuesday!


Deanna said...

have fun shopping!..be sure to post some pics of what you get!..love easter dresses!

JennStar said...

Very cute LO! Can't wait to play with that kit!!

Andrée said...

5am eh? That's mighty early! She sounds so darn cute though! Yay for sleeping in the big girl bed though :) That's a very cute layout, will have to keep that in my inspirations bookmarks!

Valgal said...

Don't worry, I waited till the last mintue to buy Easter outfits for my kids too. Today actually, lol! Don't you just LOVE getting up at the crack of dawn?