Monday, June 02, 2008

Our New Baby

no, not that kind of baby!

We've got a new puppy--Lady. :) She's a Dachshund mix (with who knows what else) and is almost 2 months old. We picked her up this morning and the girls are head over heels in love already. Head over heels! Maggie has been asking for a dog for a year (at least) and we kept saying, "When you're older" or "When you sleep in your bed all night" or "maybe someday." Well, she is a little older now, she's doing better about sleeping in her bed all night (she is sleeping in her bed, though she still wakes up once a night and needs a few minutes of Mommy or Daddy lying on her floor while she gets settled back in), and heck, I guess today is someday.

We got her from the Birmingham Humane Society (yep--I drove all the way to Birmingham to pick her up...worse than that, Maggie and I drove to Birmingham yesterday, too, which is when we picked her out, but then we couldn't bring her home because Katie wasn't there and they won't adopt an animal out unless the animal has met all of the kids in the house. Boy, THAT was an UGLY ride home. Never has an hour and half car ride taken longer or been more emotionally taxing. Poor Maggie.). Anyway, her original name was Mercedes, but Maggie immediately wanted to change that. Her first choice was Barbie. Umm, no. So then she suggested Barfy. Dude. Do you know what "Barf" is, Maggie? hehehe Then I mentioned that she had freckles like I do and like Maggie does, and Maggie jumped on Freckles. That's what we called her all day yesterday and all morning. Somehow, though, on the way back to our house, Maggie morphed the name into Lady. Oh well--that's cute, too!

Here are a couple more pictures of her in the backyard today...

Meeting the dogs next door:

O'Neill just looked at her and didn't really seem to pass any remarks either way. Meg took one look at her, hissed, and jumped over the baby gate that keeps Lady confined to the kitchen (no carpet there!). She'll come around. Oh, I didn't tell you about Katie. Katie shrieks with joy whenever she sees the dog. She's fascinated with her and wants to pet her and hold her. They seem to get on well already. :)

So I know I'm way behind with posting my picture of a day pictures. I've got a bunch to post...just need to find a few minutes (or a few days!) to get them up.

Monday, April 21, 2008

two days in a row! more pics and getting caught up! Days 100-111

Day 100/Apr 9-- I love seeing Miss Katie trotting off down the yard. Check out her cutie patootie crocs! :) She was trying to put Maggie's crocs on and getting frustrated because they were too big, so we got her a Katie-sized pair. :)
Day 101/Apr 10--Can't you just hear Katie saying, "the camera? again? Mommmmm!" hehehe
Day 102/Apr 11--Happy Birthday, Delaney Grace! We went to Maggie's best friend Delaney's birthday party today. Maggie and Delaney have been more like sisters ever since we moved to Montgomery, and they miss each other desperately since we moved away. We still see them every few months, though, so at least they still get to see each other.

Clearly there's still a bond there. :)

Day 103/Apr 12--We were at my parents' house and walked down to the water so that Dad could show us the new wall. Katie was determined to get over that wall and into the lake--not just on the wall, but OVER it. I ended up carrying her back up the yard and she threw herself on the ground having a hissy fit. She might be more easy-going than Maggie, but she's definitely got her mommy's temper!

Maggie was drawn immediately to the swing down by the lake. Doesn't she look happy? :)

Day 104/Apr 14--So honestly I don't know if these were from the 14th or the 13th. Those days sorta melded together. Here's one of my new favorite pictures of Miss Maggie.

Maggie was pushing Katie on the swing and Katie loved every second of it!

Day 105/Apr 15--One afternoon Maggie got tired of running around after O'Neill and went to get a book from her room. This was what I saw next. :) I love seeing her happy with a book. :)
Day 106/Apr 16--Katie can be so serious! She's been obsessed with my water bottles lately, and she's working hard to drink out of them without spilling the water everywhere. Day 107/Apr 17--This look on Maggie's face is one we see fairly often. :)Day 108/Apr 18--The two girls playing...sorta. Actually, it's Maggie playing and Katie hanging out trying to see what her sister is doing.
Day 109/Apr 19--Would you believe that I pushed around this same little doggie when I was Katie's age? You can't really see the the doggie here, so I'll have to get a picture of it soon. :)
Day 110/Apr 20--We went to Cullman to the Ave Maria Grotto, and Maggie and Chris took a little rest on one of the benches. :) Maggie has a little bird whistle that she was trying to figure out. Day 111/Apr 21--Maggie was having an emotional day. I still love this picture. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've been a slack poster again. Days 94-99 (Apr 3-8)

I've been a slacker about posting my pics again. I've been taking them, though! So it's catch-up time once again. Here are the first few...

Day 94/Apr 3--my two sweet girls before school. :)

Day 95/Apr 4--I just like Katie's cheeks. :)
Day 96/Apr 5--This is a scene that we see just about every day that we're out in the backyard (except Maggie is usually heading that way, too). Our neighbor has the cutest little Yorkie Terrior. As soon as the neighbor lets the dogs out, both of my girls go streaking for the fence to see Pepper. :) Isn't he cute?!

Day 97/Apr 6--It's been really pretty here lately. Looks like maybe it's finally Spring! Yay! I just love these pics of Maggie roaming around in the backyard.

Day 98/Apr 7--a rare smile for the camera from Miss Maggie

Day 99/Apr 8--Katie loves O'Neill. :) He's a pretty big fan of anybody who pays attention to him, so it works out well for both of them!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Days 86-93 (Mar 26-Apr 2)

Day 86/Mar 26 -- Katie is so curious about the world--especially about ANYTHING her sister is doing. :)

Day 87/Mar 27 -- I'm not sure what prompted the choice of rubber boots as footwear--it certainly wasn't rainy or wet. Maybe it's yet another symbol of Maggie's quirky approach to clothes.

Day 88/Mar 28 -- Maggie looks intense here, huh? :) She was running to catch O'Neill (Poor kitty! He loves the attention, but I think it scares him, too.). This is the kind of shot I get from her lately--she's not loving the paparazzi Mommy moments these days.

Day 89/Mar 29 -- I get plenty of these moments, too. You'd never think she was camera-shy, would you? hehehe

Day 90/Mar 30 -- Wow, another Maggie day! That's unusual. This is one of our favorite things to do these days. Maggie is able to ride her bike the whole way round our neighborhood (well, the 1 mile loop that we take). We have to give her a bit of a boost when we get halfway up the hills, but she has no problem sailing down the other side by herself. Oh, and don't worry--she wears her helmet when we go out. I was holding it for the picture (she started without me). Right afterwards, she stopped and said, "Helmet!! Mom! Can you help?" hehehe

Day 91/Mar 31 -- This is one of those rare quiet moments for Katie. I love everything about this shot...I could just eat those cheeks!

Day 92/Apr 1 -- Katie has been really fond of playing peek-a-boo lately. :)

Day 93/Apr 2 --Is this a preview of those petulant teenage years? Maggie had on some lip gloss (glittery Princess lip gloss, of course), so that's why she's holding her lips that way. Silly girl...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

pics are coming ;)

I've gotten pics for the past week or so edited, and I'll get them uploaded tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 85/Mar 25

Oh Pretty Tree in our Backyard, are you the reason I'm feeling so icky?

The pollen is out with a vengeance here in Huntsville, and it's hitting us hard--especially poor Katie. So far Maggie is the only one who hasn't been hit by it. Apparently, that's a side effect of living in Huntsville (one of the only bad ones so far). The Indians used to call this area the "Valley of the Sickness"...oh well.

Despite feeling icky, we did get some outside time today...

Maggie has been playing this fun "monster chase" game with Katie lately.

There's a fun growly noise that goes with it.

Katie just thinks it's hilarious.

And then got in on the action.

And then she "caught" Maggie.

OMG I love these two little monkeys!

Day 84/March 24

Go fly a kite!
The Easter Bunny brought Maggie a kite. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 83/March 23

Happy Easter! We had such fun at the Easter Egg hunt at the girls' school. They definitely enjoyed the yummy chocolate bunnies from the Easter Bunny, too!

Just before the Easter Egg hunt...

She doesn't really "get" it, but she's more than happy to take part. Hey--it's outside, she doesn't care what she's doing!

Maggie, on the other hand, was very serious about her egg hunting. Check out all of those eggs!

Back at home, we headed out to the backyard. I love the way the breeze was blowing Katie's dress.

Hey Paula--do you remember this little doll buggy? :) It has logged miles and miles around our backyard. :)