Monday, July 31, 2006

Friendship Day stuff at TDC this weekend!

Make sure to check out The DigiChick this weekend!

We're going to have LOTS of fun, so clear out some time to work on some layouts this coming weekend!

I've been busy with Maggie and with planning for the Friendship Weekend at TDC, but we took some time out on Thursday to find out some good news:

It's a GIRL! All is well with Baby, and Maggie is right--she's going to have a little sister! Now we just have to think about names.

In other baby-type news, my sister's baby will be born on August 18 by c-section. We're excited to welcome a new little boy to the much fun will that be?! For a couple of months, the numbers will be even--two girls (Maggie and Mary Maddox) and two boys (Will and the new baby...Grady). Of course, then we'll throw things off with the new baby. :)

A little more random stuff from me...this will be the last week that I can take meds for my arthritis. The docs (OB and Rheumatologist) have had me on an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory...prescription forms of things like Advil, Motrin, and Aleve), but from 24-32 weeks, those things can close the hole in the baby's heart where the blood goes in for now. That's an important thing, and we want to avoid risking that, so I'm off my meds on Sunday (2 weeks early just to be safe). I'm not sure what that means for me since I don't meet with the rheumatologist again until the 15th (about a week and a half). It could be an UGLY week and a half, though, so I might not be around much. I'll have to spend some time on the computer because of work (online writing tutoring), but my hands and wrists will probably not be very kind to me without any meds. We'll see, I guess. I'm hoping that the rheumy will have a plan for me (other than just doping me up on pain pills...who needs me more dopey than I already am?! lol), but it might be an ugly 8 weeks. We'll see what happens, anyway.

Ok, enough babbling from me! Off to work on another layout! Have a good night, everyone!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I can't tell you how long I messed with that last post. I edited and edited and edited, but for some reason it won't let me center the pics or move the credits for that first layout down. Oh well--I give up.

:) Happy night again!

Black and white kick

I'm on a serious black and white kick these days. I'm not sure what has prompted this, but why fight it, right?

Here are just a couple of my latest...

Credits are Amber Clegg's Mismatched Alpha and Christine Smith's Rectangle Overlays and Freestyle Flowers kits. Font is SP Toby Unleashed. Peta's Color Pop and Lisa Neal's B&W conversion (both from on photo.

Credits: Sanded overlays by Christine Smith in Rectangular Overlays. Font is TK Doodle. Dave Jaseck's Duotone Dream v2 conversion on photo.Quote from Lewis Carroll.

Credits: Inked overlay from Christine Smith's Inked Overlays. Doodle from Leah Rioran's Gina's Doodles. Fonts are SBC Curly Outline and Journaling Hand. Used Peta's Color Pop action (from ILP) and Dave Jaseck's Dream Duotone Conversion on the photo. Based on mamakimberly's Leap of Faith layout (

Credits: Overlay from Christine Smith's Inked Overlays. Doodle from Karen Hunt's Funky Doodles DIY Star (slightly recolored). Fonts are Taguettes Plus and Taguettes. Dave Jaseck's Duotone Dream conversion and Chip Springer's Paint with Light II action on photo.

Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning for me. We have friends coming over on Saturday night, and my house needs some serious attention! Thankfully, Chris is taking the day off (YAY!) and he's going to hang with Maggie while I work on the house.

Happy day, everyone!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

4 am

Why oh why is Maggie trying to kill me? Her early wake-up time of 5 or 5:30 for the last month or so apparently wasn't good enough this morning. What time did she wake up, you ask? 4am. Yes, that would be 4 o'clock in the morning. 4 hours after midnight--which is the time my screwed up body FINALLY fell asleep, despite much effort on my behalf. 4 freaking am. And was she content to just chill on the couch and watch Dora or something (thank GOD for Tivo!!)? Of course not! She wanted to play and sing and dance. DH came out of the room at 6:10 and took her upstairs with him for a while while he ate breakfast, but other than that, she's been with me since 4am.

What the heck am I going to do about this?! I seem to be physically incapable of going to sleep before 11:30 or 12, and her wake up time gets earlier and earlier. and have I mentioned that she has napped maybe two times in the last 3 weeks? yeah. fun. She goes to bed at 7. We have tried for the last two night to push it back to 8 to see if that would make a difference. Obviously not. She's only 2.5...surely she needs more than 10 hours of sleep.

ugh. Somebody mentioned giving her melatonin, but I don't know if it's safe or how much or whatever. Oh and I've tried the taking her back to bed thing over and over and over. Screaming. She's just awake early. WIDE freaking awake.

off to try to salvage my morning. have a good one, folks!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long day...

Gosh, it's been a long day. I love my child--she's exuberant, hilarious, imaginative, and energetic. Man oh man, though, when she's having a bad day or even a bad moment, it's UGLY. We had one of those today. She gets ideas in her head and wants to do things (like climb into her car seat) on her own schedule. Well, I'm sorry, but it was almost 100 degrees outside today and I'm hot and pregnant, and dang, i just want to get into the car and GO! ugh. I know how to handle it so that there isn't a battle, but she woke me up at 5:40am today (yes, 5:40!!) and I just got frustrated with her before I could run the normal plan. It was as much my fault as it was hers...she was just being a kid who wants to be independent and do things in her own time and I'm the grown-up who should know better, but anyway...

It all resulted in some time in the naughty chair, a bunch of screaming (from her), some pretty frustrating and tearful moments from me (while she was screaming in her room), and just an all-around ugly time. She eventually took a nap, which she desperately needed, and we had a better afternoon. Of course, just now we had a long drawn-out bedtime ordeal. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day, right?

Enough about that. It's icky.

Sooo...scrap stuff.

I did a little challenge at The DigiChick this week. I've got this picture of my niece Mary Maddox from Christmas last year:

It just stumped me and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. Several ladies have taken my challenge on so far. Here are their layouts:

From Karlana (hawaiianbrat96):

From Julie (lovesher2boys):

From Chris (Nonnie917):

From Charlene (berekah):

From Victoria (mizamigo):

From Jen (jenflo):

Great layouts, huh? :)

I think we're all going to try to do a layout with one of Charlene's (berekah) pics, now, so check out that thread and get busy! Here's the link: The new pic is on the fourth page.

Enough from me for now. Have a good night! I'm going to work on a scrap and then go to bed early. Hopefully Maggie will sleep a little later tomorrow. PLEASE!!

Night, all! Don't forget to say hi!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

MMM frustrations

I thought I'd do a couple of posts tonight to make Hilary happy. hehehe Now you guys had better make sure to leave me some comments!

Anyway, I've been working on my layouts for the MMM contest (Making Memories Masters). I've got 3 layouts that I'm pretty happy with, 2 more that I'm not sure about or that need "something", and one that I like but I'm not sure about because it uses a pic from the same day as one of the other layouts. I'm in a small group for constructive criticism for these, but I think most everybody else is finished up and they haven't really been around for the last week or week and a half. So now I'm feeling stuck and not sure what to do.

Here's the deal. One of the layouts has to be on the theme of Celebrate Life. I used a pic from our trip to the water fountains at Centennial Olympic Park last week because Maggie was having such a great time. The other four layouts just have to have a picture, a title, and journaling. I put together a layout that I like, but it uses a pic from that same day (same swimsuit, setting, etc.). The papers are totally different and the feel is different, but I don't know if I'd be shooting myself in the foot by submitting two layouts with photos from the same day. Any thoughts?

I'm just stumped on the other one. I like the feel of it, but it's missing something in the upper right corner. That doesn't mean much to you, I'm sure, since I can't show the layout to you.

I don't know. Maybe I should just forget about it and not enter this year. We'll see. If I do enter, though, I'd better get over my block and get moving so that I can get them printed and sent out in time.

Enough babbling from me. Leave me a note to say hi! :) Thanks for reading if you've stuck with me this far!

So a real post

Baby Stuff
All is well with the baby so far. We're at 18.5 weeks, and I'm starting to feel some real movement--not just little flutters. Though I'm definitely showing, I've lost 12 pounds. Hey--I've got it to lose. Soon enough, I'm sure, it'll all start to go the opposite direction. Anyway, we go back on the 27th for the big ultrasound. Maggie is convinced that she's going to get a baby sister. Not sure how I'm going to explain it to her if that is not the case. We'll just take it as it comes, I suppose.

Other Stuff
I cut my hair! FINALLY! lol When I went in, the girl who cuts my hair said, "Sinead, have you not had your hair cut since the last time I saw you?" (Which was about a year ago...she is in my parents' home town and I'm a freak about letting just anybody cut my hair thanks to being scalped too many times by people who had no clue about cutting curly hair.) I'd had one trim in the time between, but still...

She cut 10 inches off. Yep--1o!! I've got it in a ponytail and I'm going to send it to Locks of Love. I figured that I might as well go all the way, right? Now my hair is right at my shoulders...yeah, my hair was THAT long (wet and pulled out straight, at least). hehehe I feel more like myself now, so yay!

Maggie also got her first professional haircut. It was really more like a trim, but I wanted her to have the experience without being too freaked out about all of her hair falling to the floor. As it was, she was really freaked out that my hair was "broken" and we couldn't fix it. Poor little kiddo. She was as good as gold in that chair, though, and she kept looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. Pictures soon, I promise!

Just for Hilary

LOL, Hilary called me out on TDC for being such a bad blogger. hehehe

So here's a little challenge:

I've got a challenge for you girls. I've got this photo of my niece Mary Maddox on Christmas morning staring at the tree that my sister put in the nursery (yeah, my sister's a nut about Christmas!). Anyway, I've loved the pic from the moment I saw it even though it's not the best picture, photographically (is that even a word?!). The problem is that I'm completely stumped with how to scrap it.

So...the challenge.

I don't know if any of you are bored or want to try your hand with it, but here's a Yousendit link to the photo:

If anybody wants to give it a whirl, I'd love to see what you come up with. Oh, and if there are more than one of you, I might come up with something fun to give ya just for humoring me.

So what do you say? Anybody interested?

I will try to come back later and do a real blog post. :) love you guys!