Thursday, March 09, 2006

Such a slacker and lookee at my surprise!

I'm such a slacker. I'm online every day--you'd think I'd find a few minutes here or there to write a blog post. Oh well. I pretty much feel like I'm talking to myself anyway, and I can do that here in my head without having to type it out. Makes it less like I'm crazy that way... lol

So I've been super busy with doing layouts and page designs for the March De-Zine from The DigiChick. Things are looking good, though, so make sure to check it out. It should be available on the 15th in the DigiChick Boutique.

Maggie has been cracking me up lately (so what else is new, right?). First, we went to the zoo. We're members, so we go all the time, but this time she HAD to bring Mary (her favorite doll). Poor Mary has been all over creation with us, so that wasn't too shocking. The funny thing, though, is that she made me help her put Mary on her shoulders because she was "too heavy" to carry. lol--wonder where Maggie has heard that! She here she is looking out one of the viewing windows at the elephants, and poor Mary is hanging off her shoulders:

The next funny thing was her little conversation with Dora and Swiper the other morning. She has all these beads (they're cheap and she loves dressing up with them), and she's been carrying several sets around for days now. The other morning she had each set of beads set out on the floor separate from the others. Then she starts talking to Dora and Swiper as if they are in the room with her. "This one Swiper's and THIS one Dora's! NO swiping, Swiper!" lol This kid cracks me up!

The gold ones are Swiper's, by the way. lol She woke up from her "nap" (which lasted a mere 40 minutes, I might add) and came out to tell me that Swiper was in her room trying to swipe Mary and her Berry juice. I told her Swiper wasn't allowed in her room anymore. lol

Yesterday, we were outside and Meg (the cat) decided to try to take Maggie's Barbie Jeep for a ride. Apparently Barbie appeals to girls of all ages and species...

Finally, my dear husband surprised me the other day. I had such a rocky day on Monday that he told me that there was a surprise coming my way the next day (apparently it was all arranged and everything--he had just planned to let it be a total surprise). On Tuesday afternoon, the FedEx guy dropped off a package at my door. Guess what it was?

Yep! Roses! Ok, this was really sweet normally, but it's even more sweet if you consider that this is the 3rd time since I've known him (almost 10 years) that he's given me flowers. One of those times was when we got engaged! He's just not a flower giver, you know? But something struck him and he decided to send me a "just because" little pick-me-up present. :) How sweet is he?!

Ok. My mom is coming this morning to help me plant a bunch of bushes--azaleas, mostly. She said she bought a few more things, so God only knows what she's going to come up with. I'd better spend a few minutes in this house first, though, or she's going to think I'm a total failure of a housekeeper. I'm really much worse at it than she is--you could eat off this woman's FLOOR any time any where. I am just too tired to be all that worried about it after chasing Maggie around all day and working my few hours a day at Smarthinking (online, but still). Besides, any spare time that I have is obviously going to go towards scrapping. LOL Ok, I'm off! Have a great Thursday!

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