Tuesday, March 28, 2006

American Idol...

Woo---what were some of those American Idol contestants thinking this week?! Boy, I wasn't impressed by song choices tonight. I liked Chris (just cause I always do, not so much because he was that good), but his last note was just off. WAY off. Mandisa I usually love but not so much tonight. The song just didn't seem to work for her. I liked Taylor--it was an interesting change for him. Paris did a great job, and so did what's her name--the one who did the Christina Aguilera song (I can't ever remember her name!). I wasn't impressed by Ace or Lisa or Bucky or Kelly or really by Elliot. I don't mind his voice--it's his face that I can't look at. He looks like such a dork when he's singing!

Anyway, I wonder who's going to get the boot. My guess is that it'll be Lisa, Bucky, or Ace. We'll see who it is. :)

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twistedsoda said...

...where is number 3 girl!!! Your doing awesome.