Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting back into the swing of things

Whew--it's been a whirlwind of a week! Paula and the boys were here and we all had a blast. Let's just say that this house isn't big enough for 4 kids, though. Everyone got on really well, though, and we spent lots of time at the zoo. I'm going to upload some pictures later. :)

I thought I'd share my rejected HOF layouts here so that they're all in one place. Yep, I got rejected. I don't feel bad, though, because there were only like 5 digi gals who got it and probably another 5 or so honorable mentions. Those are pretty slim odds, really. Besides, I did this for the challenge, and I really think that it brought my scrapping to a new level.

Babbling aside, here are my HOF layouts:

Paper is from Nancie Rowe Janitz's Lime Tea kit. Overlay is from Nancie Rowe Janitz. Photo prongs by Jen Wilson in SBB's Fiesta kit. Stitching from Kathy Moore's New Year's Eve stitches.
Fonts are MA Simple Pleasure and CK Fashion.
Journaling reads: There’s a line in a Steve Martin movie that compares life to a roller coaster’s ups and downs. Steve Martin’s character says that he wishes there weren’t so many downs, but his wife reminds him that without the downs the ups wouldn’t be half as sweet. That’s how I try to think about life. There are, of course, many down moments, and when I’m in the midst of those moments, I might stop and wish that they weren’t happening. Then I see Maggie’s face, and I remember the years of downs that we had while waiting for her to join our lives. Without those downs I wouldn’t have my beautiful child and I might not realize the precious gift that life has given me. So bring on the downs! I can handle the bumps that life throws my way as long as some of the upsare even half as sweet as my beautiful Maggie.

papers from Dani Mogstad--Spring Bouquet, doodles from Angie Briggs, Brad and flower from Taran Conyers' Delight kit, tabs from Gina Miller's Deck the Halls kit, font is 2Peas International.

Papers from Nancie Rowe Janitz's Pink Chocolate kit (ScrapArtist), Chipboard letter from Shabby Princess' Sweet Serenity Kit, Fonts Pharmacy and CK Letter Home

Papers from Gina Miller's Fruit Parfait kit. Soft edges overlay from Michelle Coleman's Free Spirit kit (ScrapArtist), Flowers and brad are from Taran Conyers' Delight kit., Fonts are SP Purkage, Scriptina, and 2Peas International.

The journaling reads: I will never forget the day that this photo was taken, Maggie. You were four days old, and it was just your 2nd day at home. We put you down for a nap in the pram and then spent your whole nap time staring at you in awe and wonder. We couldn’ t believe that you were here--our little girl. We waited so long for you, Maggie. There were many many times along our journey where we thought that we might never be so lucky as to have a little girl--and certainly not a little girl as wonderful as you are ! We prayed so hard to be blessed with a child . We cried many tears and dreamed so many dreams . Little did we know the wonder that reality would bring . You are more than we ever hoped for, Maggie. You are certainly more than we ever dreamed of. Even from the very start, you were not shy about expressing your own personality and letting your preferences be known--no camera flash in your face, please! You are the happiest little girl, and you approach life with an energy that is unmatched. These were some of the things that I wondered about on Day Four of your life. I can’ t wait to see what the years ahead bring! Love, Mommy

Layout based on a magazine ad for the new magazine Wonder Time. Font is Effloresce Antique

overlay and brad are from Nancie Rowe Janitz's Pink Chocolate kit (recolored). Tag and pink paper are from Sara Carling's Sweet Rubbish kit. Stitched flowers are from Sarah Batdorf's Arboretum Guide kit (recolored). Font is SP Purkage.

papers from Michelle Coleman's Free Spirit paper collection ( (green paper is recolored), ribbon created with paper from Michelle Coleman's Free Spirit , eyelet and ring from Shabby Princess' Urban Kiwi kit (, alpha from Shabby Princess' Sweet Serenity alpha, quote from Michelle Coleman's Free Spirit kit, green ribbon from Jen Wilson's All Tied Up bundle (recolored), staples from Silly Bird Nut's Taken kit

papers from Gina Miller's Miss Shabby Pants (recolored)., Chipboard letter by me using paper from Gina Miller's Miss Shabby Pants and Atomic Cupcake's Chipboard Action., Fonts are Scriptina and A Yummy Apology.

doodles from Angie Briggs' Chocolate Covered Elements, Fonts are Scriptina and 2Peas International.

Paper by me. The overlay is from Nancie Rowe Janitz's Pink Chocolate kit (recolored). Flower from Kim Christensen's Flowers, Flowers, Flowers set (SBB).
Fonts are 2Peas Goofball, 2Peas International, and 2Peas Peanut Butter.

So there they are, all 10. I know that they didn't win, but I'm pretty proud of them. :) I hope that you (whoever "you" might be) like them. :) Thanks for looking.


Gina said...

Wow! These pages are all super-gorgeous. Awesome photography work!

Ok I have to laugh because.... see the baby smack in the middle of the doll page? That's Molly! LOL Emmie's first-ever and most loved doll!! haha I can't believe I see her on a page- too cute! ;)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I especially love your "day 4" journaling. My DH and I also have been praying a long time for a blessing. It's so sweet that Maggie will always know how much she was wanted!

Charlene said...

These pages are beautiful! Neat variety in the pages, and lovely journaling. I'm sorry (and surprised!) you weren't one of the ones chosen. Maybe next year??


Emily aka SheScraps said...

HOF'er or not...these are all awesome layouts!!! I really like the one with the text on a path...super cool effect! I'm glad you didn't let the fact that you didn't make HOF get you down. You created some great layouts that I'm sure you will always cherish!

Edhish said...

awww those are lovely LOs Sinead..

what is HOF btw. hihihihi, so sorry you didn't make it but i'm sure maybe next time you'll get it, you are one talented girl

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