Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Busy and Missing DigiChick!

Boy oh boy, you don't realize how much you frequent a website until it's closed! Whew! The DigiChick is closed for revamping until Wednesday, and I have felt so lost! I guess I checked in there more than I thought--and I knew I was there a lot! hehehe I guess you could say I'm a true digi-dict!

I've been busy in my "free" time, though! I've been working on layouts galore--5 since Saturday, though I can only share 2 of them as the other three are for The DigiChick's March De-Zine (check here) in another week or two for the March issue--it's going to be great!

This first layout is for the DigiChick photo swap challenge. I drew Stacie's (bosco9700) name, so I got the opportunity to work with great pictures of her DD Madison Anne. I was also lucky to be able to use Marsha Zepeda's new kit Burst o'Charm, which will be available on The DigiChick when it reopens. It's an awesome kit, and the layout came together really easily.

Credits: papers and elements from Burst o'Charm by Marsha Zepeda
Inked overlay from Aged Overlay set by Nancie Rowe Janitz.
Fonts: SP Purkage and A Yummy Apology.

I just think that the picture of Madison Anne is so stinkin' cute! :) It was great to work with Stacie's photo--she had three other great ones. If I get a few minutes, I might try to do another layout with them, too.

I guess I've been in a circles mood. Here's my version of the DigiChick's February Week 3 Chick's Life challenge:

Credits: I used the DigiChick Designers' Heart's Desire kit.
Chipboard "Love" is by me using Heart's Desire paper and chipboard action from Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts are Susie's Hand, Pharmacy, and akaFrivolity.
Inked overlay from Aged Overlay set by Nancie Rowe Janitz.
Fonts: SP Purkage and A Yummy Apology.

It's late--I know. I just couldn't get my head around it. Here's the journaling--full-on sappy, so prepare yourselves! Journaling reads: Love is...The nervous tone in your voice when you asked me to marry you ~ The way that you held me close when we danced our first dance as husband and wife ~ The pride in your eyes when we bought our first house ~ The way that you held me close when it took so long to get pregnant ~ The joy in your face when I told you were going to have a baby ~ the way you looked at Maggie for the first time ~ The way you make me laugh by acting silly with Maggie ~ The way you work so hard to make us secure ~ The way you giggle at silly jokes ~ The way you get the car when it’s raining ~You!

I'm working on some other things, too, but I need some cooperation from Maggie to get them done. She decided not to nap today, though she did spend a good hour and a half in her crib talking and "reading" out loud. She knows probably 5 or 6 books so well that she can "read" them and be fairly true to the type on the page. For other books she just makes stuff up based on the pictures. She has this funny voice that she uses when she reads, too. It cracks me up.

I got some great pictures of her at the park today. I need to download them tomorrow and maybe do a layout or two with them. Right now, though, it's 2:30 am and WAY past my bedtime (though I seem to always be up this late. Oh well!). Night, all!


Gina said...

Hi Sinead! I see you're going through a circle craze on your LOs too! I can't get enough of the circles!!!! Great pages! I can't wait to see TDC's new look!

Edhish said...

aww.. love the layout..

what do u think about TDC new look? isn't that great??