Monday, February 13, 2006

The Usual Ramblings

As usual, I've got a whole bunch of rambling thoughts in my head. What else is new, right? :)

Maggie has been a bundle of cute lately. She's just so funny about the things that she thinks. We were on the way to the library to get a new book for me today and she started talking about a story hour we went to three months ago. It's not the most recent one we went to--we go every week--but for some reason that particular event was on her brain today. We stopped off at the library and when we got back into the car, she said, "I need my stuff!" When asked which stuff she meant, she said, "My Princess stuff!"--the Princess camera. Ok, that's a funny thing all by itself. This summer I got one of those waterproof disposable cameras for our trip to the beach. It was on the counter waiting for me to take it in for developing and she latched onto it. Six months later, she's still lugging the thing around and "taking pictures." I caved and bought a Disney Princess camera for her this weekend, so she gladly traded the old blue camera for the pink jeweled one. Little does she know that it's a real working camera that I have just neglected to load with film so far. lol

Oh, and tonight when she was going to bed, she gave me a huge hug. As she walks towards her room, she turned around and said, "Bye!" Then she made her doll wave bye. Then she wouldn't move until I said Bye to her doll. Then she walked a little more and we had to do the whole thing again. Finally she decided that enough was enough and she was off to bed. She's a funny little goose. :)

Lots of scrapping going on these days. I've still got an hour and a half of work tonight, and then I'm going to get scrapping again. :) I've felt quite productive lately.

ok--gotta run! Happy Monday!


Mari K said...

This is so adorable! Oh they have the cutest and sweetest way to them you just have to love them!

Edhish said...

hihihi.. so cute.. just like my daughter.. she is know demanding to buy a princess dress.. grrr, don't have the time yet to buy it

Angela said...

Maggie is such a sweetie!!!!