Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sickies BE GONE!

I think (I hope!) that we might finally be over the sickies! YAY! Maggie got hit first with strep and possibly some stomach bug (we're not sure if the secondary stuff was part of the strep or not). My poor little munchkin was so zonked that she didn't even say 20 words in one day--one WHOLE day!! Usually she says 20 words a minute, so that was quite a difference for her. Let's just say that Valentine's Day was some kind of ugly this year. When Maggie was recovering, Chris got a cold, so he was feeling puny, too. He was pretty much over it by Sunday, though, so we had a nice relaxing chilled out weekend of just hanging out around the house. On Monday, though, I got slammed. I'm not sure what it was, but I was nauseous and barely conscious for two days. I could hardly even keep my eyes open! Thank God for Dora and Diego and DVRs--Maggie watched several episodes over and over again and did a good job of basically entertaining herself. My little darling came to check on me and bring me "tea" several times, too. Sweet one.

So all seems to be well now. Now it's just catch-up time. I started working on some layouts for this month's De-Zine (check out DigiChick's Boutique for the February issue!) last night and things just weren't gelling for me. Maybe I'll do better tonight. We'll see. First I have to get some tutoring hours logged. I have four to do today, and Maggie is asleep, so I'd better take advantage of the quiet while I can! Happy Thursday!

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Michelle said...

Hi Sinead! Glad you're feeling better!