Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Project 365 for 2008!

In an attempt to get better about blogging every day and to (hopefully) improve my photographs, I thought I'd jump onto the Project 365 bandwagon and commit to taking a photo every day of 2008.

Here's the picture that I'm going to start out the year with:

Miss Maggie was cheeseing it up for me. Settings: 70mm, f4.5, 1/125, ISO 400

The side of her face is a little blown out here, but her eyes (especially that right one!) are super sharp. Yay! The only photoshopping this image saw was a change to Black and White (using a change in mode to Lab Color>Lightness and then back to Greyscale, just in case you're interested!).

Of course, I can't leave Miss Katie out:

Check out those catchlights! She's such a cheeseball. Settings on this one: Nikon d70, f4.5, 1/60, 400 ISO (I think...can't remember).

Here's another one where she was cheesin' for the camera:

She was playing peek-a-boo with the camera and I caught her just peeking her head around the corner of my lens. lol Settings Nikon d70, 70mm, f4.5, 1/60, 400 ISO (I think...)
So maybe I'll be a better blogger. lol
Let's see...a quick update. Maggie is in a nice place right now. Her behavior is mostly good and she's so sweet. She's very good with her sister and is having a great time at school these days. She learned "Away in a Manger" for her Christmas program and has been singing it nonstop lately, especially if Katie is upset. Too sweet. Katie is walking and bordering on running, and I've gotten her weaned. She's adjusting quite well and is just such a happy little kiddo. Not to say that she's always easy...the child has a SCREAM that could pierce eardrums, and she's not shy about letting loose if she thinks she's being wronged. lol On the whole both girls are super independent and definitely clear about what they want or don't want. I keep telling myself that this will be a good thing as they get older, though sometimes it's a struggle right now.
Chris and I have been working out really hard lately and have both lost some weight. yay for us! Chris has lost about 25 pounds and I've lost 40. I've still got quite a ways to go--80 pounds to get to my ultimate goal--but I'm working hard and doing well. I've been working with a personal trainer (Brandon ROCKS!), though my last session with him will be later this week. Hopefully I'll continue to be successful on my own. Chris and I are going to walk/run in a 5k at Nashville Zoo later in January, and I'm planning to meet some super cool digiscrap chicks from my Biggest Loser group in Maine this June to run in a 5k up there. WhooohooO! I'm so excited!
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to post another pic. :) I hope you're (whoever might be reading this!) all doing well and that you have had a great beginning to this New Year!
ps--OH! Totally forgot the biggest news!! My brother (Dermot) and sister-in-law (Aimee) are expecting another baby! They will add to their family in July and sweet Will will be a big brother! Yay! Congrats, guys!


Amy (3 Peas) said...

Congrats on doing 365!! If you stick with it you will surely see your own progress throughout the year.

If you are looking for others doing 365 you should look on ILP (ilovephotography.com) as there are a few there doing it too :)

fiona said...

glad to see that you are back...it has been a while! I thought about doing 365, but i thought that i would let it fall and have something else started and not finished! oh well. cute pics of the girls!