Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween fun!

Another year of Trick or Treating has come and gone. I thought I'd share a couple of pics of my little Minnie Mouse and ballerina.

Here's Maggie as Minnie Mouse:

and Katie as a ballerina:

and the two of them together:

Katie, cheesing for the camera. She's still pretty pleased with herself about being able to stand up. ;)

Do you think Maggie loves her sister just a little bit? :)

Not the greatest pics, but at least we have some memories. :) Thanks for looking!


Angela said...

Awesome photos girl! They look SO cute!

ScrappinMichele said...

They are adorable I love her minnie shoes matching her outfit.

Val said...

Katie looks SO MUCH like Maggie in that picture of her profile. Wow! Totally adorable kids :)

busyizzie said...

What adorable photos. I can't believe they're getting so big.

Margaret said...

Beautiful girls Hope they had fun


Kate said...

AWE!!! Too cute!! Love the Minnie Mouse. :)

Catie Mae said...

i saw the christmas card pics of the girls from gretchen, SO cute

love you!