Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've been a slack poster again. Days 94-99 (Apr 3-8)

I've been a slacker about posting my pics again. I've been taking them, though! So it's catch-up time once again. Here are the first few...

Day 94/Apr 3--my two sweet girls before school. :)

Day 95/Apr 4--I just like Katie's cheeks. :)
Day 96/Apr 5--This is a scene that we see just about every day that we're out in the backyard (except Maggie is usually heading that way, too). Our neighbor has the cutest little Yorkie Terrior. As soon as the neighbor lets the dogs out, both of my girls go streaking for the fence to see Pepper. :) Isn't he cute?!

Day 97/Apr 6--It's been really pretty here lately. Looks like maybe it's finally Spring! Yay! I just love these pics of Maggie roaming around in the backyard.

Day 98/Apr 7--a rare smile for the camera from Miss Maggie

Day 99/Apr 8--Katie loves O'Neill. :) He's a pretty big fan of anybody who pays attention to him, so it works out well for both of them!