Thursday, April 03, 2008

Days 86-93 (Mar 26-Apr 2)

Day 86/Mar 26 -- Katie is so curious about the world--especially about ANYTHING her sister is doing. :)

Day 87/Mar 27 -- I'm not sure what prompted the choice of rubber boots as footwear--it certainly wasn't rainy or wet. Maybe it's yet another symbol of Maggie's quirky approach to clothes.

Day 88/Mar 28 -- Maggie looks intense here, huh? :) She was running to catch O'Neill (Poor kitty! He loves the attention, but I think it scares him, too.). This is the kind of shot I get from her lately--she's not loving the paparazzi Mommy moments these days.

Day 89/Mar 29 -- I get plenty of these moments, too. You'd never think she was camera-shy, would you? hehehe

Day 90/Mar 30 -- Wow, another Maggie day! That's unusual. This is one of our favorite things to do these days. Maggie is able to ride her bike the whole way round our neighborhood (well, the 1 mile loop that we take). We have to give her a bit of a boost when we get halfway up the hills, but she has no problem sailing down the other side by herself. Oh, and don't worry--she wears her helmet when we go out. I was holding it for the picture (she started without me). Right afterwards, she stopped and said, "Helmet!! Mom! Can you help?" hehehe

Day 91/Mar 31 -- This is one of those rare quiet moments for Katie. I love everything about this shot...I could just eat those cheeks!

Day 92/Apr 1 -- Katie has been really fond of playing peek-a-boo lately. :)

Day 93/Apr 2 --Is this a preview of those petulant teenage years? Maggie had on some lip gloss (glittery Princess lip gloss, of course), so that's why she's holding her lips that way. Silly girl...


Kerri said...

My favorites are 87 and 92!

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Angela said...

Great photos, Sinead!