Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting caught up

I'm uploading pictures to photobucket right now, but it's taking forever. I'll get them loaded up here tomorrow. ;)

Hopefully we're on the road to better health. We're all still coughing, but it's getting better. Katie is getting tubes in her ears on the 19th--poor little monkey. Hopefully that will help her feel better.

My sweet nephew Will was 3 on Monday. He's such a cutie. Sadly, we didn't get to go to his party over the weekend because we were all still sick and germy, but hopefully we'll get to see him to celebrate soon.

Let's see...other news. I guess that covers everything. I think I might finally be getting off the weight loss plateau. I'm down this week, so hopefully I can hang on to that until weigh in on Monday. I'm ready to move on from the 40lbs down and start working towards 45 and 50 lbs lost.

I'll be back with 12 (or 13, once I count tomorrow's pic!) pics tomorrow. :) That's what I get for slacking and being sick, huh? lol