Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catching Up pt 2

Days 38-45

Day 38: We had a couple of days where we went outside a lot, so here's another one of Katie with the rubber ball.
Day 40: Katie wasn't feeling so hot, and I'm sure she wondered again why I had the camera in her face.

Day 41: It was so cold (25 degrees) that poor O'Neill's water froze outside. There were some snow flurries, too, and I thought that it was neat to see the snowflakes on top of the frozen water.

Day 42: loved the coats hanging up after a cold day outside

Day 43: yet again, Maggie wasn't feeling like being photographed. This one was a mess until I cropped it really tight. I think the crop salvaged it.

Day 44: LOVE the look on Katie's face here. She's always carrying a bag around and has lately been obsessed with putting thing in (into boxes or bags or baskets) and taking them back out again.

Day 45: snow flurries and the little bit of gathered snow at the bottom of the slide. :)

Today's pic is still on the camera. I'll get it up tomorrow. :)

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