Thursday, July 20, 2006

Black and white kick

I'm on a serious black and white kick these days. I'm not sure what has prompted this, but why fight it, right?

Here are just a couple of my latest...

Credits are Amber Clegg's Mismatched Alpha and Christine Smith's Rectangle Overlays and Freestyle Flowers kits. Font is SP Toby Unleashed. Peta's Color Pop and Lisa Neal's B&W conversion (both from on photo.

Credits: Sanded overlays by Christine Smith in Rectangular Overlays. Font is TK Doodle. Dave Jaseck's Duotone Dream v2 conversion on photo.Quote from Lewis Carroll.

Credits: Inked overlay from Christine Smith's Inked Overlays. Doodle from Leah Rioran's Gina's Doodles. Fonts are SBC Curly Outline and Journaling Hand. Used Peta's Color Pop action (from ILP) and Dave Jaseck's Dream Duotone Conversion on the photo. Based on mamakimberly's Leap of Faith layout (

Credits: Overlay from Christine Smith's Inked Overlays. Doodle from Karen Hunt's Funky Doodles DIY Star (slightly recolored). Fonts are Taguettes Plus and Taguettes. Dave Jaseck's Duotone Dream conversion and Chip Springer's Paint with Light II action on photo.

Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning for me. We have friends coming over on Saturday night, and my house needs some serious attention! Thankfully, Chris is taking the day off (YAY!) and he's going to hang with Maggie while I work on the house.

Happy day, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that pic!!!

-bryan marquardt