Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A group shot and some random pics

While we were in LaGrange a couple of weeks ago (yeah, it took me a while to edit and upload the pics), I took the girls to the playground and my sweet sister and my niece met us there. The three big girls (Maggie, Katie, and Mary Maddox) had a blast on the slide and I was trying to get a pic of them going down all at the same time. Here's my best attempt:

From left to right, that's Katie, Mary Maddox, and Maggie. :)

I can't believe it, but Miss Molly is already 7 weeks old! Where did the time go? She's really smiling at us now, especially at her big sisters who love her to bits. Maggie likes to come over to talk to Molly, and Katie comes over to kiss her on the head from time to time throughout the day. For a kiddo who generally isn't very gentle, she's surprisingly careful with Molly. She's also a great early warning system, yelling "He's crying!!" any time she hears Molly crying. Sure, she's got the gender pronoun wrong and I'm almost always holding Molly at the time she's crying and Katie sounds the alarm, but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

Here's 7 week old Molly:

I've been trying to get a picture of the three girls together. That process is a laugh all by itself. Here's one of the best that I've gotten so far:

Katie was moving in to kiss Molly. Poor Molly looks a bit like she's being strangled, huh? I think that right after this shot was one of those "He's crying!" moments from Molly and Katie.
Here's another cute one of the two big girls loving on Molly, though:

I've got some 4th of July pics to edit and upload, so I'll try to get those done in the next few days. I also need to work on Molly's birth announcement. :) Until next time!