Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Catching Up... Days 57-61

I finally got back to the computer (Maggie is REALLY fighting sleep tonight. ugh. At home I'd switch out with Chris and let him hang with her for a bit, but I'm at my parents' with the girls and he's at home working, so it's just me tonight. Oh well...).

Day 57/Feb 26 --my dad. He approaches everything with such joy--it's no wonder that we all love to be around him. He's my hero and my friend. I love you, Dad. :)

Nikon d70, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/160, ISO 1250

Day 58/Feb 27--Miss Mary Maddox (Fiona's oldest) again. This kid is the funniest kid I've ever met--she's got a hilarious sense of humor and she's always coming up with the best one-liners! You crack me up, Mary Maddox!

Nikon d70, 102mm, f/4.2, 1/250, ISO 200

Day 59/Feb 28--Grady (Fiona's other kiddo). What a mess this kid is! He is super funny, too, and he's got this unbelievable energy. He's into everything, but look at that face! How could you be mad at him? Besides, his curiousity is just that--he's certainly not trying to be a handful. Watch out, though, Fiona and John! I think Grady's going to give you a run for the money! Of course, I'll be right there with you with Katie, so at least we'll all be in good company!

Nikon d70, 102mm, f/4.2, 1/250, ISO 200

Day 60/Feb 29--Miss Maggie. I don't often get good shots of Maggie these days. She's become self-conscious when she sees me with the camera and hasn't had the patience for being the focus of paparazzi-mom. I wish I'd gotten the lighting/exposure right on this shot because I love the sweet smile she's giving me, but right now I'll just settle for the sweet smile. :)

Nikon d70, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/1600, ISO 200

Day 61/Mar 1--just some pretty Spring blossoms. I think this is a flowering cherry tree...

Nikon d70, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/3200, ISO 1250
Ok. I've got my list of pics to post for days 62-now all put together, but I can't keep my eyeballs open. I'll get the rest of them up tomorrow when we get back home. :) Off to get my hair cut early tomorrow morning, so hopefully I won't look too bad! lol

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jlindsey said...

I love that photo of your dad!