Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A new outfit!!

My little old blog has got a new outfit!! What do you think? Much thanks to the lovely Valerie Fowler for allowing me to use stuff from just about every kit she has! (lol, not really...I used "Hannah Banana", "Totally Modish Alpha", "Huggermugger: Chalky Symbols", and "Brushed Clean Alphas") I also use Fee Jardine's "Flutterbies" alpha.

I'll try to be better about updating things. I'm a slacker...I know!

Random life stuff...
Things are good in our house. Maggie is sleeping (YAY!) for about 12 hours total in a night. Sure, I give her Melatonin before bed (in agreement with her pediatrician), and yeah, she still wakes up in the middle of the night, but the big deal is that she's sleeping 12 hours total instead of 8 or 9. It makes a HUGE difference in her personality and behavior, let me tell you!

Speaking of behavior, boy are we in the middle of the testing-limits-threes. I don't know why people complain about the twos so much. Three has been MUCH more difficult from a temperment point of view. She was already such an independent little mite, but not she's determined to do everything herself. Let's just say that we have some issues. LOL I try to pick my battles carefully but also to provide her limits. Hopefully we'll get past this stuff soon so that I get a break from it until Kate hits the same stage.

Speaking of Kate...what a little cutie! She's such a sweet girlie. She has, so far, been a better sleeper than Miss Maggie, but who knows if that's a function of the fact that Mommy just doesn't have the time to devote to getting her to sleep (thanks to her big sister) or a function of just being a different sleeper or what, but who cares! lol She has definitely developed the ability to sleep amid plenty of noise, which is definitely thanks to having a big sister who isn't quiet. She is really starting to perk up and pay attention to things around her. Just the other day she had a long "conversation" of coos and giggles with the ceiling fan. hehehe She totally adores Maggie, too. Maggie comes up to give her hugs and kisses and Kate just smiles and smiles at her. It's really sweet. I can't wait to see them as they continue to grow up. Whooo hooo! It's fun!

So life is good. We've all got the sickies...Maggie is recovering from strep and a cold, and the rest of us have a cold, including little Katie. That's ok. A little coughing never slowed us down.

For all of you who are still hanging in there, thanks! I'll be better about keeping up here! Until next time!!


Stacey said...

Love the updated look! Hope everyone in your house feels better soon!

Shawna said...

I love the new look Sinead - very pretty!

We're going thru the terrible 3's in our house too & Kelsie won't be 3 til March 13th LOL! But just wait the 5's are even worse!

Angela said...

Nice bloggy makeover! Hope y'all feel better soon! I'm sure hoping Spring comes soon! Snow is SOOOO ugly!

Charlene said...

Beautiful!!! Love the colors :)

And I've noticed the same thing with Jasmine and Rebekah, in terms of sleep. I think Jasmine and Maggie are a lot alike, and thankfully we both got good sleepers as our second babies! I can't believe how much noise Jasmine can make, and Rebekah won't even stir. She'll raise her eyebrows in her sleep and then relax again :) I'm glad Maggie's sleeping better now :)