Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The time is getting close...

Here I sit at 32 and a half weeks, though I'm telling you that I've had this weird weird feeling, especially the last couple of days, that this baby is NOT going to wait until 38 weeks to be born. I've been having contractions off and on--who knows if they're real contractions or not, though. They could just be Braxton-Hicks. I never had anything like that with Maggie, so who knows. I'm fairly sure that this baby dropped this weekend, too. Suddenly my belly feels really heavy and full--again something that I never felt with Maggie, who never dropped.

We had no clue about the dates when we found out we were pregnant, so my due date is based on one of those early ultrasounds. At my appointment last week, though, the doc said I was measuring a month ahead. Hmmm... So yeah, the time is getting close--maybe closer than I know! lol

Chris heads out to Chicago today for a week again. Should be an interesting week with Maggie. Hopefully it'll be nice and boring!

I'll try to pop in later and blab some more. I'm having a hard time focusing right now. lol Have a great day!!

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