Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have finally caved...

Ok, I've finally caved in to the world of blogs! It seems like everyone else is on the blog train, so here I am, trying to get in on the act. :) God only knows who would be interested in reading my crazy ramblings, but somebody might find some humor in it.

I suppose I'll introduce myself on the off chance that someone actually decides to check out this space. I'm Sinead, also known as maggieandmommy in the digi-scrap world. As you may have guessed already, I've got a daughter--Maggie. She's 2, though she thinks she's 22. I feel certain that there will be many a story about the hijinks of Maggie here. She pretty much just cracks me up all the time. I'm married to a pretty great guy--Chris--though don't tell him that because it might go to his head. He's a real sweetie and doesn't give me a hard time about all the time I spend on my computer. I've got a brother and a sister (who just told me she's pregnant again!), and I'm close to my parents and in-laws. I moved to the US (Georgia) from Ireland when I was almost 3, though most of my extended family is still there or in England.

My computer time is divided between work--I'm a writing tutor for Smarthinking--and digiscrapping. More on that in a minute. Before Maggie was born, I was an English teacher, first at the high school level and then at a community college. When she was born, I wanted to stay at home, so online tutoring just seemed like the best choice. If I have to work (and I do, unfortunately), then this is the best option.

Now...the best computer time that I spend is on digital scrapbooking. I tried to scrap the traditional way when Maggie was born. I did a few pages, but it just took so long to get a page done and it was a pain to get everything out and put everything up. Then there was the intimidation of messing something up. I was scared that I'd mess up a picture or the paper or whatever. So I was a sorta scrapper.

Then a friend (Paula--yay!) mentioned that she knew some people who did digital scrapbooking. She gave me some links--one of them to DigiChick. I was hooked. I've been digi-scrapping since October 2005 and I've done about 100 pages (probably more but I'm scared to count!). Earlier this month I was picked to be on the Creative Team at DigiChick (yay!), which is a great honor for me. I'm also working on their De-Zine, which is a monthly digital publication.

Ok, so that's probably more about me than you'd ever want to know. I promise (my invisible reader) that I won't always be so boring. :)


Rachael Giallongo said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! :)

Gina Rae said...

I'm here! I'm here!

I bet Emmie and Maggie would get along famously. My duaghter thinks she is 22 as well. What is with these little ladies?

Congrats on your impending Aunt-hood again. ;)

I used to love English. I wasn't a teach mind you, but I did pretty well in my English classes in school. ;)

Now I feel like I know you better. Fun!